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Shiromi is a first rate professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The energy, creativity and quality of work she has delivered has been amazing. During her time with Light for the World, Shiromi has developed engaging content and has also offered invaluable strategic advice. Her advice and insights will provide lasting value to our work to support people with disabilities.


About me

International Women's Day 2018, image of a woman of colour grinning and holding up a poster with the words of a solidarity poem by S. Pinto.

I’m a writer, editor, strategist and author. I write stories to unite people, to inspire kindness and compassion, and to bring the best out of them so they feel empowered to help people they’ve never met. I did this for Amnesty International for 15 years, and have brought these skills to my freelance work today.

I also write stories to entertain, move and inform, whether through short works or novels – like my latest, Plastic Emotions. I have more than 20 years’ experience as an editor, produce audience-centred communications, and will be guided by your inhouse data analysts so that the content I create is targeted and effective.

Occasionally, I do presentations and talks, drawing on my creative and campaigning storytelling expertise. As an author, I’ve spoken at literary festivals, on panels, on podcasts and on radio, including BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio London.

Shiromi gave us a wonderful masterclass in human rights advocacy and storytelling, generating extremely positive feedback from staff who felt inspired and informed by the session. Her examples and her ability to weave the personal and political together throughout were so well received. She is a clear and focussed speaker with a brilliant editorial eye for how to meet and be relevant to her audience.

Sara Wilbourne, Director of Communications, Article 19

My services

Writing: I write pithy social posts and headlines, stories that demonstrate impact, interviews, features, or any other copy you need to market your cause. As a published author of two novels and several short stories, I can take on creative copywriting as well if that’s what you need.

Editing: I specialise in turning complex and arid prose into clear and compelling stories. I work on short or long copy anything from tweets to reports.

Strategy: I develop campaigns from concept through to production. Working with your creatives, I can help brainstorm ideas, refine them into a pitch and make them happen. This usually includes writing key messages and creating a communications and content marketing plan. All of this work should begin with a solid brief. If you don’t have one, I can help you devise one.

Shiromi is a passionate and dedicated professional who is an asset to anyone’s team. In the short time I managed her, I was inspired by her tenacity and constant willingness to learn. Additionally as an advocate for inclusion and equality, Shiromi will be sure to keep any organisation moving into the 21st century.


My work – Highlights

#ToxicTwitter (2018)

I helped persuade media and other target audiences that violence against women on Twitter breaches women’s human rights, through Amnesty’s high-profile #ToxicTwitter campaign. Working with a researcher, social media manager and designers, I co-created a hard-hitting concept, messages, strategy and content, including a Twitter spoof page and numerous graphics. With extensive media coverage and high user engagement, the campaign culminated in better protections for women on Twitter while causing a drop in Twitter share prices.

She is #notacriminal (2015)

I helped counter stigma associated with abortion in Ireland and raised awareness of how Ireland’s abortion laws criminalised women. Working with a designer, researcher and campaigner, I co-created a persuasive concept and messaging for the campaign. I then developed a strategy and content, including blogs, interviews, features, graphics and more. The launch graphic (“She was raped, She is pregnant…) was Amnesty’s top-performing graphic ever at the time, with 30,000+ organic likes and shares on Facebook. She is #notacriminal proved a huge success, laying the ground for Ireland’s landmark reform of its abortion laws in 2018.

Shiromi is dedicated, organised, innovative and best of all, passionate about producing excellent, effective content. 


Write for Rights (2016-19 & 2020-21)

I helped convince hundreds of thousands worldwide to write for the rights of people suffering human rights abuses, as part of Amnesty’s letter-writing marathon, Write for Rights – the world’s biggest human rights event. I achieved this by writing compelling profiles and other content, including a detailed social media plan, messaging, blogs, web copy and more. These assets were used by Amnesty entities globally to push the campaign and raise funds, spurring positive changes in the lives of the people featured. I also helped improve representation of the Global South in Write for Rights promotional materials by initiating a content-gathering and capacity-building visit to Amnesty Togo in 2018. Rolled out by a small team comprised of a photographer, content manager and me, this pilot initiative has since become a model of good practice that other parts of the organisation are looking to replicate. Write for Rights is a case study in collaborative team work that spans almost every department at Amnesty. It is the movement’s most popular campaign, mobilising millions of people around the world, and I continue to support it as a consultant today.

Shiromi… can turn her hand to so many things crafting a Twitter campaign that cuts through the blah, developing campaign messaging that crosses countries and languages, or using supporter insight and data to seize an unlikely opportunity. As you would expect, her writing is exemplary clear, concise and powerful.


Work with me

I write with purpose. I’ve spent my career writing for causes, trying to change the story around some of our greatest challenges today. If you’re working to improve the world somehow, I would love to help you.

Email me your request and I will come back to you with my availability, rates and a work plan.

Patient, diplomatic, considerate and a great communicator, Shiromi is a pleasure to work with. She comes highly recommended and I’ll miss her dearly.


Contact me

hi@writingeditingwords.com (for general queries)
shiromi@writingeditingwords.com (if you need help with a project)

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